“As a team they are very open and friendly and can turn any working experience, no matter how difficult, in an enjoyable one.”
Cornelia Plesoianu, Head of BTL Division, BCR

"Always open minded, they are focusing on finding the perfect balance between the most effective and the fastest solution to a given situation. In the same time, they are excellent at maintaining an overall good, friendly and optimistic working atmosphere."
Nina Bratfalean, Marketing Manager, BMW Group

“They are professional, fast, smart, easy to work with, detail oriented and truly passionate about getting results. The energy level is invigorating and very positive. On the personal side they are very pleasant to spend time with and have a great sense of humor, highly appreciated in their line of work”
Florentina Tararache, Business Development Manager BCR ERSTE

“You are a bright and creative team, always thrived in the most challenging situations…analytical mind, sharp communication skills and great interpersonal skills!”
Anca Stanciu, Brand Manager Generali Romania

“During the projects that I worked on with the team, they demonstrated to be creative, highly motivated with keen attention to details. They possess deep understanding of our needs, thus being able to easily adapt to challenging situations.”
Mihaela Rambu Business Development Support, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

“The partnership between Pepper Communication (now Daiman Public Relations) and BCR Baca pentru Locuinte has proved to be a real asset for us, as the company was in the launch stage and was confronting market place issues, such as: how to position ourselves in a market that does not know about our products, how to communicate effectively with potential customers, how to make a difference in an overcrowded industry in which messages about banking products and promotions abound and the battle for customers is turning ever more aggressive? Each project developed with Daiman Public Relations represented a won battle. Daiman is a reliable partner for successful projects, able to provide appropriate solutions to all our requests."
Roxana Ganovici, Marketing Director, BCR Banca pentru Locuinte